Silicone Mask Making (Reinforcing Silicone with composite fiber)

I'm looking to make a full head silicone mask and i want to prevent running tears by reinforcing the silicone with something. I know Immortal Masks uses the Flex Fusion system but i couldn't find any comparable alternative. I was thinking maybe fiberglass tissue layered between layers of silicone would work. Any ideas or recommendations would be greaty appreciated!!


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    We use a 4 way stretch material called power mesh. You can find it on Amazon or any fabric supply shop. https://www.amazon.com/Power-Fabric-Stretch-Nylon-Spandex/dp/B00N4A7BZK 
    I believe Immortal uses something similar, custom sewn to fully fit their cores. Fiberglass will decrease your stretch significantly. 
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    A common material for reinforcing silicone masks (and other silicone pieces) is "Power Mesh" which is a 4-way stretching nylon fabric that can easily be embedded in your silicone.

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