Masks - dipping latex?

Hi all, I'm trying to find slip cast latex here in the UK, but it seems to be a term we don't use. All I can find is "liquid" or "dipping". Oh and foam latex

Tim Martin in his excellent mask tutorial say foam latex is a no-no though.

https://www.mbfg.co.uk/latex.html here's what I can find.

There's a supplier that sell RD407 but I'll need 5 gallons to use Tim's technique and that's  expensive

Any help would be appreciated.


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    RD407 is what you want if you can get it.  You can also get it online from monstermakers, but you'll have added shipping costs to the UK I believe.

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    Hey Steve, you can get one gallon at formX they ship to to your country, I also saw many people working with 5 gallon so I tried to find it but I couldn’t find people shipping to Europe, but to Uk:
    but shipping is extreme expensive so you might wanna find someone in the uk.

    greets from Austria 
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    edited January 2020
    Thanks @Maximilian Schmid , that was my thinking too, it would be best to buy in country. I can't find it on formex, could you link me?

    However, I still wonder if dipping latex is actually slip cast latex with a different name? 
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    @Chris Ellerby thanks, it's always best to buy the best it's just three times the price if I wanted 5 gallons. Still, it WOULD last...

    Instead of filling the mold and letting it set off, would manually rotating it work just the same if I used a smaller volume? Work on my biceps at the same time...
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    Hi Steve,

    I completely understand.  Material costs can be a big challenge, especially when you have to buy more than you need.

    You can build up layers of latex by roto or slush casting as you mentioned.  With big stone molds it's a great upper body workout! :sunglasses: 

    You can also brush in layers of latex for larger molds, or if you want to make sure the latex is worked into finer details.  With both methods you will have to build up multiple coats to get the desired thickness.

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    @Chris Ellerby Thanks Chris!
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