The Von Gormandizer - A Daemon Inside A Daemon

This is a creature within a creature within a creature.  It is a 1/6 scale composite creation made from pieces of hacked and adapted action man figures, hand made leather and feather wings, malformed, restructured guts and head/face parts made from black silicone, dates and tasty glace' cherries. I bought the bare skull and have painted it to suit and adorned with a sharp crown of thorns.

The Von Gormandizer Daemon has 2 phases..1) Infancy - birthed from the gut of a female human (another hacked eyeless 1/6 doll). It's skull protruding from the grotesque mandibled daemon head.  It's bare, severed torso dangles a spinal chord (twigs, wire and a 1/6 scale Indiana Jones style whip) which it shares with its unfortunate host at birth. 2) Mature - It s full form is a richly cloaked, shrieking monster whose dismembered face moves up as the head top closes over the bare skull, now nestling inside along with toothy jawbone. Its head, adorned with pungent roses, the mandible twigs have become jutting horns. The spinal chord is now a daemonic whip tail. phase 2 incorporates leather skirted, spawned, spindly leg protrusions.

note: There are 6 pictures posted here, 3 of each phase, im not sure more than 4 are visible? but page says they are included in this discussion.  Secondary note: Please don't eat dates or cherries from a daemon's face..  

Many Thanks.. Petrushka.

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