Creating a Goblin Puppet head - what is the best process for face sculpt and eyelids?

This is my first puppet. It will be attached to a staff and have eye blinks (curved wire and ball blinks). I was wondering what the best way would be to craft the face which will be surrounded by hair and accessories. I don't want it "muppet" style, but more like the goblins in Labyrinth.

I was considering painting latex on top of carved foam, would this work?

Can you add foam clay to eyelids made from hard plastic to create a wrinkly, more realistic lid, or is that a bad idea? What other options would there be to create a more realistic lid?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm very excited to add this skill to my costume making tool belt. 



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    Your idea of painting latex on top of carved foam would work.  The challenge would be getting a smooth skin-like finish on a rougher foam, but with enough sanding and surface prep it could work.  I would do a small test on a sample piece of your foam to see if you can get the surface finish you want.

    Foam clay on the hard plastic eyelids might work.  You could also used an epoxy sculpting medium like "Magic Sculpt" or "Apoxie Sculpt" on the lids for the wrinkles.  The epoxy method would be a bit more durable.

    Sounds like a cool project, hope you can share it with us as you make it!

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    Chris - Thank you, this is very helpful. I'll update as the project progresses! 
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    I just wanted to update - I decided to try using Foam Mo brand foam clay over upholstery foam to see what the results would be. I made a base layer of foam clay with some water over the foam, then added my details. So far, it’s working great. Not the mobility you would get with latex but I only needed eye blinks and jaw movement for this piece. I’m currently working on adding eyebrows, hair, and a helmet. Hoping to submit this as my prop for Masters of Cosplay contest in Dallas by the end of the week. 
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    It's coming along great!

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