Where to get roots or moss?

I am searching for some moss or roots to create a deseased kind of forest dweller. But I can’t find any moss, roots or forest kind of thing you can use for props. It would be very nice if there are links to special websites which carry this kind of stuff for latex or silicone masks /props. I can’t even find good stuff on amazon 🤣
thank you 


  • What type of moss are you looking for?  Amazon has a lot of different mosses you can get, including Spanish Moss that can be used to simulate small roots.

    Some of the moss you find for hobby projects is dyed a brighter green which you can color a bit with acrylic washes.  I had to do that with a project I did a couple years back.

  • Okay thanks, I just thought of a decorative moss which can be applied on props or masks because most mosses I found are real ones and I am afraid it might rot away since it’s just for gardening. Which did you use ?
  • The real ones have been dried or preserved in a way that they will not really deteriorate on you.  They would only rot if you got them wet.  I've used pretty much all of the ones you see listed on Amazon.

  • Okay fine thanks Chris 
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