Technical issues

New subscriber here.  I had some technical issues with this course (though they don't seem to be specific to this course), and I couldn't find a technical support section in the forums, so I'm posting here:
1. I selected the animatronics basics pathway, and started this course from there after completing the design basics course.  When the video started, the title on the page said 'PUPPET MECHANISM BASICS: EYES, EYEBROWS, EARS - PART 1', but what actually started playing was Build a Monster Suit part 2.  I was able to navigate to this course directly, though.
2. A couple of times, a video segment would end and while the chapter navigation would move to the next segment, the current video segment would begin playing again from the start.  To fix this, I have to manually navigate to some other chapter, then back to the chapter I was expecting.
3. My internet access is very slow (1.5Mb max), which I know is not your problem, but your video player doesn't handle this situation well.  Most streaming platforms will automatically downgrade video resolution to compensate, but yours doesn't.  I can see why that would be undesirable, considering the very visual nature of your content, but I think I may need to put my subscription on hold for a bit because the viewing experience is very frustrating (gigabit fiber in a couple months!).
4. This is less a technical issue and more of a content question: when the course gets to the Student Q&A, there are elements on the table that were not show previously in the course, including elements used to eye mechs (as mentioned in the Q&A, and suggested in the title) that was never shown in the instruction.  Are there segments that still need to be added to the course, or are those segments part of other courses?  If so, you should update the title of the course to not include "eyes", just "eyebrows".

I'm enjoying the courses and am very excited about future classes, even if I have to wait for better internet.  Thanks.


  • Ok, regarding #4, I wrote that post while waiting for the last segment (Wrap Up) to buffer, and I see that he brings up the eye stuff there, and that it's covered more in part 2, so ignore that one.  Sorry for my impatience.
  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for reaching out about the issues you ran into.  I'll pass #1 and #2 along to our tech team so they can investigate. 

    For #3, I feel your pain, slow internet is never fun.  One thing you can do is toggle the player from HD playback to non-HD.  The resolution will be lower, but it should playback better on a slower connection.  That gigabit fiber sure sounds nice though! (jealous)

    Glad you are enjoying the courses, and hopefully that new fast internet will let you enjoy even more!

  • Thanks for the reply.  I did find the non-HD option on PC (though I should mention that when I first tried in a PC browser, I was getting a cross-domain error from the video player, but that seems to have gone away), but that option doesn't exist on iOS.  For now, though, I can stick with PC or using my cell data service on my phone if I need to (because, depressingly, that is faster than my home internet).
  • HI Ben,

    Just a quick update on this.  Our tech team has the information you provided and they will be investigating.  Thanks again for your feedback!

  • Hi Ben,

    Our tech team has made some updates to try and address this issue.    Can you try a learning pathway again for us to see if our fixes have addressed the specific issue you were encountering?


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