Material Suggestions?

I’m currently in the process of creating a Togruta headpiece from Star Wars. I’m currently weighing my options for casting. I would love to go as realistic as possible for this project.

I know that latex would be the cheapest (and safest) option but I’ve been looking into Ecoflex filled with Soma Foama, has anyone worked with these materials? My biggest concern is the weight of Soma Foama. If all else fails I can definitely work with latex I’m just hoping to explore new materials with this project and I love the realism that silicone brings. Any suggestions or alternative ideas are greatly appreciated!


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    Hey TheCosplaybunny,

    i would go with Ecoflex pro fx (because the shore strenght should be nerarly perfect for this piece) for the skin and Smooth on- Flex foam it-  for the infill.

    I would slush cast a thin layer of the pro fx into the mold and brush on a thickened layer of the pro fx (by using Thi- Vex) after the first layer has cured.

    After that, i would stir a small batch with thickened silicone and brush in a thin layer of silicone and dabb cotton into the surfaceand let it there until the silicone has cured.

    Then remove the big pieces of cotton. The fine fibres which are standing out of the surface of the silicone, are the bonding agent for the flex foam it. 

    Then i would trim the overstanding silicone edges around the mold seem- edges, put on a paste silicone layer around the edge and put the mold together for glueing the edges together. 

    Then i would infill the flex foam it and make sure, that the foam fluid hits all the of the "fibered silicone surface.

    This way, i do lots of silicone masks and creatures and i had never problems with it. 

    Good luck :-)



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