Animatronic Bear head from Wild America

Hi guys 'n' gals!

I am a big fan of Animatronics, SPFX, costumes and generally all things practical and of course, I am a big fan of Stan Winston. 

I have a number of props which I have acquired over the years and I have one that so far I have been unable to find the studio responsible for. Please see the pictures included. The internals remind me very much of the work I have seen in in Amalgamated Dynamics, Jumanji head. Another prop I own and absolutely love! PS: Happy to share pics of this if anyone would like to see it.

I am also looking for any help regarding foam restoration but before I start asking too many questions, I'll take a look over the forum. 

My dream is to start making my own animatronics for commercial use / movies etc. Long live practical effects. 

Thanks in advance for any help!
Long live practical effects.



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