Magic Wheelchair

Washing Antron/Puppet Fleece?

Question-- The georgia stage website says to simply rinse the fabric til the water comes out clear, does B.J. machine wash after dying the fleece at all? Or is rinsing sufficient? 

Loving the videos so far!


  • Hi Remi,

    We've reached out to B.J. with your question.  Once we hear back I'll let you know!

  • awesome! Could you also ask if he's using the synthetic or "all purpose" dye? 
    (georgia stage's website didn't say its makeup other than proprietary nylon)

  • Hi Remi,

    Here's B.J.'s response:
    I rinse in cold water until it runs clear as well. There is no need to wash again after. This is for using RIT dye. Other dyes may have specific follow up procedures to set the color so be sure to read and follow the dye manufacturer directions.
    That should answer both questions as he mentions RIT dye!



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