Elf ears help

So this Halloween I needed a pair of HUGE elf type ears, that I could decorate and add jewelrey to. I found a good cheap pair but they were a bit too flimsy to support the jewelrey without drooping and flopping around, AND since they weren't made for me, they did not fit very well. I really want to make my own so I could fully customize them, as well as just really wanting to know how to do makeup prosthetics for this type of thing. Ive seen plenty of tutorials on how to make elf ears, and some very high quality ones at that. But they are all WAY too little. I'm totally clueless as to how to make a base that would support the length of ear I want, what sort of structure I could make so it fits on my ear well too, AND can support the jewelrey. And what material. I'd like to use silicone, as opposed to latex too cause I what them to be as high quality as possible. So if anyone could point me to a tutorial that shows the process of how to make dark/night elf ears, or something that could be used for that purpose would be awesome. Or as I said even some ideas on how to make something that keeps the ears up and sturdy. I was thinking some thin wire, or even plastic rods where the "cartilage" of the ear would be, but Id also need it to hold onto my ear on its own. Sorta as an ear clip? Let me know of any thoughts or ideas!


  • Hey Lyric,

    you should go with an prostethic appliance, glued onto your ear with prosaide or skin tite.
    Do you know how to make an epoxy lifecast from your own ears? If yes, maybe you want to start with it and from this stage, we are able to help step by step.
    Writing down all the steps in one session here could be to much. 


  • I do! I was planning on building off of an ear cast. But I was sure how I would support the weight of the length of the ear. Would I just have to sculpt the ear with a wire base on top of the lifecast of my own ear? I'm ok with molds and silicone and sculpting and all that. My main and only concern is supporting the ear, because as I said they are very long and big ears, PLUS the jewelrey I want to add. So thinking of something to support it while sculpting, AND something when its made for when I wear it. As I said previously I was thinking some sort of wire frame for both, but the one for wearing would be a more "polished" ear piece to wear underneath the ear to keep it upright, them the adhesive. Thank you for answering!!!
  • Hey Lyric,

    at first you need to do the sculpture and the mold of the ear.

    You could cast it out of silicone and if its to heavy, you could sting a wire into it to give it support.

    You could build up supportmaterial for the elfears, by using the area of the outside of the auricle and the whole backside of your ear- you dont need to build up the whole ear onto the small top edge of the ear. 

    You could cast the ears out of foam latex (what i would prefer) and sting a wire afterwards througt it to support it. 

    If the ears are to big, like elephant ears, you could use a hairband to give the support.

    You dont need to put your support material (wire, platicsheets etc..)  as a skeleton into the mold,.. of course, you could try that, but you dont need to. 

    All you need is a wire, foam latex and glue like skin tite or prosaide.

    I hope it helps.


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