my first project

ArthurMerlinArthurMerlin Quevec, Canada
Here is a character inspired by the one used in the tv serie DARK CRFSTAL. My daughter wanted it for her birthday... First try but I am somehow proud of the result.


  • I would have never guessed it was a first attempt. You should be proud of it. I’m not familiar with the tv series but your piece looks great, you have bought you’re character to life. I’m sure your daughter loves it/ will love it. 
  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    So cute, I want one!

    Amazing for a first attempt!

  • ArthurMerlinArthurMerlin Quevec, Canada
    Thank you so much! Your comment gives me wings!
  • It's very well done ! it look like to the character in the serie. Good job ! :)
  • KahulaKahula North Port, Florida
    Great work. Nicely done.
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