1st likeness portrait

Hi everyone. Finally finished my first likeness portrait. I can probably point out many flaws but it’s as close as I can get for a beginner. I always struggle to know when I’m finished and could carry on tweaking it forever more but I’d like to move onto a new project. I struggle with the lips and mouth the most so if anyone has any tips or anything they find helpful that would be great to hear  :)  

Its supposed to be Tim Robbins, abit of a random choice i guess I just found his face interesting  :D


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    Hi Kathrine,

    Awesome job!  Likenesses are the hardest thing to sculpt. The human face is hard enough since we are all so used to looking at them.  If any little detail is slightly off it jumps out at us.  Adding the level of difficulty of matching a specific person really ups the challenge!

    My biggest tip is using calipers a lot.  I typically find measurements on the reference image that I can use to establish a scale for other features.  Like "the nose is twice as high as 1 eye width" etc.  You can even get "Proportional Calipers" that let you measure a known feature on one end (the width of the nose in the reference) and the other end will show how wide the nose should be at the scale of your sculpture.  Those are a MASSIVE help, since you can directly translate the size, spacing, and positioning of features based on your reference.

    Sometimes it can also help to print out an extra copy of the reference and draw lines on it for reference.  I'll usually do a center line, a horizontal line through the center of both eyes that spans the width of the face, vertical lines at the outside and inside corners of the eyes, tops and bottoms of the ears, mouth, etc.  Then the spacing between that grid of lines can be used to help scale and position features.  You can also scribe those lines into your clay.

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