Would the scents from FrightProps stay on a latex or silicone mask/prop

I thought of making a mask more realistic in adding scents and I found these from FrightProps, but would they stay ?


  • Hi Maximilian,

    Those types of scents will work on masks, wardrobe, sets, etc.  Just make sure none of the ingredients in the scent mix leave a stain/marking/etc. by testing them in a small spot first.   I would also suggest not adding the scent to the mask, as that would mostly be smelled by you (and would not last as long).  If you add it to the costume the fabric will release the scent slower.  

    My friends over at "Froggies Fog" also have a good collection of scents, either as sprays or additives for fog fluid.  https://www.froggysfog.com/scents/scent-sprays-scented-cologne.html  They are very concentrated, so only a little is needed.  

  • Oh thank you, these scents are looking awesome too thanks for the tip! 
    So it would also be fine if the scent is not so strong, but how long do you think the scents will stay about? So generally on latex and maybe silicone or other materials .
  • I really would not put the scent on the mask.  I can't think of any compelling reason to do so over putting the scent on wardrobe.   Do you have a specific motivation for wanting the scent on the mask?

    The scents are made to be extremely strong so they can be used in small amounts and fill a big area with scent.  

    How long it lasts depends on the manufacturer's formula and the individual scent.  It also depends on what you mean by last.  Over time the scent will fade, and you'll need to be closer to the source to smell it.  Initially you'll be able to smell it from 10+ feet away, and over time that radius will decrease.  I always suggest starting with as little scent as possible, as the scent can become overpowering.  Subtle scents can add to a character or environment, but they can quickly get distracting of overdone.

  • NO I just wanted to add some character to the mask by making it smell like a monster. But if you say its not so good, I will just use the smells for haunted rooms or so:) Thank you !
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