realistic silicone statue

how much does it cost of making human size a realistic silicone sculpture? 
include all matereals, clay, tools, molding, casting, silicone, hair, coloring etc 


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    Hey dem,

    if someone would ask me how much money i would need for it, i would answer as followed:

    In term, that it should be a replica of an exiting human:

    2000 € for molding- materials included,
    2000 € for silicone, foam, glues, paints and pigments,
    1500 € for casting and patching,
    500 € for painting,
    700 € for hairpunching (head and beard),
    300 € for dressups.

    7000€ overall.

    This is how i would go for it as a one- man- show with my abilities.

    Maybe another people have another techniques or another prices for materials.



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    Thank you ! Kai Rottmann
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