How to make Digitigrade stilts

Hello, I was wondering if someone could lead me to a tutorial or make a tutorial for a specific type of Digitigrade stilts. I know there's a really popular one floating around but its not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something similar or exact to Namtars stilts in Farscape season 1. Theres a youtube video of it that shows some of the details and in the comments but no tutorial. And as I mentioned no tutorial Ive found looked or worked the same way, and Id definetiy not be able to figure it out on my own. Specifically how tall they are, how easily and straight he can walk, how the feet work amd were built and he didn't ned a staff, and didn't have to walk like General Grievous lol. I tried getting in contact with the guy who made it with no luck. Please help! Thanks!!!


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    Hi Lyric,

    Your best bet may be to take one of the popular digitigrade stilt tutorials and adapt it over time (and possible through a few prototype iterations) to get the look (and performance) you are after.  Some actors and stunt performers train a great deal to be able to perform in some of the less stable digitigrade stilts, so you may have to compromise design slightly for safety/ease of use. This also depends on where/how you wish to wear the stilts.  On set with handlers, crash pads, or safety harnesses can be quite different to a convention or crowded event.

    Some of the digitigrade stilts I've seen in the past would also be very expensive to make yourself, as they had gas shocks, custom CNCd components, carbon fiber, etc. so working around a budget may require changing the design a bit.

    For reference, here is some behind the scenes footage of Namtar's stilts.  (I'm sure you've watched this one already)

    If you are interested in purchasing a custom set, Area 51 does offer this model for sale:  (£599.00 aka $767.68 USD, which is not a bad price)

    Here's a similar homemade digitigrade stilt (maybe you could reach out to them?)

    Hope that helps!

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