Godzilla Costume

Another year - another challenge.
Hi I love re-imaging monsters and creating challenging costumes that accomplish the unthinkable.

I LOVE Godzilla and with the new movie out - it was perfect timing to make this monster.  I challenged myself to create a costume that can be worn at a waterpark... but not just at a waterpark... wear into the water.  I envisioned having every spike lite up on the tail that floated atop of water surface.  With a month's worth of non-stop working on the cosplay.  This is exactly what I accomplished!  SEE VIDEO HERE

I created EVERYTHING myself on this cosplay even down to the bikini bottoms.

This cosplay is primarily made out of foam.  Specifically Foam Clay.  I hand-sculpted EVERY SINGLE DETAIL on this cosplay.
Here is a work in progress photo of the top.  I created a foam like top that magnet-ed together (so it doesn't destroy the foam) then used watered down foam clay to sculpt the Godzilla skin texture on top.

Other pieces on the cosplay were done similarly but with different texturing to match the different types of textures that are throughout Godzilla.  Now you may be wondering.... "but this is for a waterpark... wouldn't it fall apart".  It would if it wasn't prepped properly.  I prepped the entirety of it in plasti dip so that it wouldn't fall apart in the water.  Then on top I airbrushed (this was actually my first cosplay that I used an airbrush entirely on).  Boosting the contours and highlights with the airbrush super helped make the texture pop.

Something interesting regarding the design is most of the pieces are essentially floating on my body (strapless).  I actually used toupee tape to hold the pieces onto my body.  They were also strong enough to hold in the water!

Now my favorite part the TAIL w/ the GLOWY SPIKES!
The costume has about 50 spikes each one took between 2 - 5 hours to create.  I used a transparent foam at the core that I airbrushed blue for my individual waterproof lights to fit into.  On top I had a later of foam that I cut out the details for the light to pass through.  Then on top of all that I hand-sculpted the texture with foam clay.  See the photo below for the progress on two of the spikes.

Lights are so bright in this photo that they look purple.

Because each spike had to have its own light and own watertight battery pack (to ensure it was as safe as possible to take into the water) - I created removeable plates for each of the spikes to sit on.  They all hook onto the pool noodle tail (thats how it floats).

To bulk up the pool noodle I used tulle.  There are a lot of reasons why I choose tulle... first of all.. its extremely lightweight.  It dries fast after it gets wet.  And I felt it aesthetically fit the design I wanted for the cosplay (didn't want a cone on my handmade bikini bottom.. figured that would look a little off)

By the way... notice the fingers?  Each finger is covered in little finger ring joints.  I molded worbla claw-like detail on 3D printed rings that fit me perfectly!  Each finger has 3 "rings" (except for the thumbs which have two).

Currently this is my most challenging cosplay I have ever built.  I feel like I learned a lot and pushed myself creatively.  All the time spent working on the cosplay was totally worth is.  I enjoyed building this monster and having fun as a monster.  Cosplay is about having fun

If anyone has questions about the build you can message me!

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