Scarecrow Couple

I created these masks and costumes using latex and burlap although I sculpted the faces using Monster Clay primarily and added burlap embellishments later on the entire mask is mostly latex (Justin Mabry Latex). I was inspired by the work of Norman Cabrera and his work on Scary Stories to tell in the Dark, his Harold mask sculptures are amazing. 
(Left is my Girlfriend she made her own overalls! & Right is me I painted my exposed eye black.)
Here are some close up shots of both of the mask! Here is my girlfriends mask she was inspired by an illustration and wanted something similar to it so she designed her mask with a large smile and 2 x shaped eye holes, I sculpted it in Monster Clay and Casted it in latex I got from Motion Picture FX in Burbank California. (Great Place!) 

So each sculpture was molded and casted as a simple pull over mask that stopped at the neck, I added burlap and a light weight rope using hot glue, this was all painted with black latex as a base then painted again for the final look. 

I painted these masks using a series of washes Dark Brown, Black, Light Brown etc... I mixed acrylic paint with latex and water I got this formula from Ed Edmunds on his Distortions Unlimited Youtube channel.  Here are some closeups of my mask all latex with just a burlap bib I bought and I distressed the hat from a halloween store, glued on using E6000. The exposed fleshy side of the face was accomplished using 2 part epoxy to add a shine and make it look wet, it was all dry and no paint or blood got on anything. 

 Thank you for reading till the end! if you would like to see more progress photos or more of my artwork please follow me on instagram at carlosgomezfx and if you would like to contact me please feel free to shoot me a direct message. 

Thank you! 

Carlos G. 
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