Hi, My name is Jon and my wife and I help put on a haunted house for a local charity.  WE have been doing it for about 10 years now and keep trying to up the quality.

We wanted to make Krampi but decided to go at design totally differently.
I used zbrush and other 3d editors and a 3d scanner.  I scanned my life cast then make a face in zbrush over it.  It fits perfectly.  Modeled the horns to have good attachment points to a thermoplastic covered baseball cap (and screws).  Add a wig between and made a mask helmet. (the mask is velcroed on to the front of the hat for easy removal and alt use).   I made the teeth removable so I could eat/ drink . . the Halloween event is over 3 hours long.  And yes that is my real beard :)
Then about of week of 3d printing (yes that is all a 3d print!) and painted the horns and mask by hand.

My wife, on the other hand, made hers almost entirely out of foam and soft sculpt.  freehand! With some thermoplastic for mount points for the horns. And I love the ears! 

We made /scavenged the clothing also.  The legs and feet we purchased.

It was a blast and people had fun. 

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