The Thing cosplay

DaliDali Russia
Hi everyone! My name is Dali, I' m frome small town Chelyabinsk  in Russia over which a meteor flew in 2013( yes is true :D )
My hobby is cosplay, sfx makeup, horror movies and creating characters entirely with my own hands. Because  I live in a small town in the middle of the Ural Mountains🗻, then everything is bad with the materials. but I don’t give up and order latex, eva foam and silicone and try to realize my idea from improvised means.
I'm just crazy fan from John Carpenter's The Thing. I love this movie so so hard😍 and I'd made this full costume with a small fused head, which I molded from latex and mounted on a radio-controlled car, so they fused guys can ran around my house and around the stage at my performance.
I know that my chances of winning this contest are negligible, but I’m glad to present you my work, I hope you enjoy it.🙋😸🙇

My instagram : viva_dali 🙌

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