Starcraft II King of Blades

This is my entry for the 2019 Halloween contest. I created a male version of Kerrigan from Starcraft II. 

Making of video:

The whole project took about 6 months of work. I started with sculpting the forehead prosthetic out of chavant on a lifecast and then molded it in stone and cast it in Mouldlife Gel 10 with deadener. The small spikes were sculpted from friendly plastic.

The bodysuit was sculpted in WED clay over a mannequin that was padded to fit my stuff proportions and then I made a two part fiberglass mold for it. The hands and ‘feet’ were sculpted in chavant over hand casts of myself and dress shoes I incorporated into the build. These were also molded in fiberglass. The final pieces were cast in flex polyfoam with a latex skin and everything was painted in rubber cement paints. 

The hair pieces were also sculpted in Chavant and molded in silicone with a fiberglass mother mold and cast in flex polyfoam with armature wire for posability. 

The wings were build out of pvc pipe and expanding foam with articulation so they could open out. I build a rig which had the tops of the wings connected to fishing line and fiberglass cuffs so they open when pulled. The wings were mounted on a fiberglass plate with a harness that goes under the bodysuit. The wings were covered in thin packing foam and latex and I also added led lights to them with a pulsing effect.

i also added lights to the bodysuit using el wire which was also programmed to pulse and broke up the lights with latex and cotton. 

My photographer and I shot several of the photos at Vasquez rocks in California to emulate the Zerg terrain as seen in the game. 

Hope you like my work!


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