Prawn Alien - inspired by the artwork of District 9

Hi, my name is Andrew Lee and I live in Brisbane, Australia.

Please accept my entrant to the Stan Winston School Creature Contest.
This is my take on the prawn alien from District 9 using the artwork from the book as inspiration.

Measurements: total height for the sculpture including base and antennae is 280mm, height of the "head" not including antennae or base is 155mm.
Sculpted in NSP medium.
Rotocast in urethane and filled with plaster.
Accessories are solid cast in urethane resin.

I was seeking an outlet for my creativity when I signed up for the SWS about 18 months ago. The lessons I have watched since then have inspired my creations in various ways, either helping me develop particular skills or giving me an idea for something new. 
Big shout out to Casey Love, Tim Gore and Steve Wang for demonstrating all their great painting techniques.

If anyone is interested, I have a bunch of progress pictures of the sculpting and moulding of this beast on my FB page.


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