2019 Halloween Costume Competition Entries - Will Disberry

Weyland Yutani Hadley's Hope Colonist

This was my most recent creation. The concept was based around one of the colonists depicted in the extended cut of Aliens, who would have been fighting to survive during the xenomorph siege of Hadley's Hope. The shirt and trousers were purchased new and weathered to give the look of someone who had been crawling around in greasy air ducts and sprayed with acid. I added an iron on WY patch and created an ID tag for the character. The makeup was sculpted by myself and includes a couple of thin encapsulated silicone burn prosthetics for the cheek and torn liquid latex extending up the face to the forehead and nose. The makeup was coloured using an alcohol palette and a general dirt and grime makeup was stippled over this along with a little stipple sweat and congealed blood to finish the look.

The Mummy

Previous year's costume and makeup was for The Mummy. The costume I created using a white lycra body suit masked off with layers of masking tape and spray painted with various shades of brown to create the look of old bangages. This was accented by real bandages stained with tea. The scarab ring I sculpted and then cast in resin. The makeup was a couple of unpainted gelatin prosthetics which I purchased and coloured using a mix of PAX paint and alcohol colours. The hair I flattened back with a gloopy mix of strong hold hair gel and lots of Fuller's earth to give the dusty decrepit look reminiscent of Jack Pierce's original mummy makeup.


The year prior was a makeup I did inspired by the look for Mr Barlow in the 1979 miniseries adaptation of Salem's Lot. I sculpted, moulded and cast a set of dentures and finger cups which I painted with alcohol colours. The rest of the makeup is a combination of PAX paint and alcohol colours. I decided to forego a bald cap and instead ran Fuller's earth through my hair to create a dusty look. The contact lenses were bespoke lenses.

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