Possessed Regan from the 1973 movie The Exorcist

Hey guys! Here’s my submission for the contest!

I used basic matte eyeshadow, liquid latex, cotton balls, lip liner, and scab blood (as well as a semi-good wig, a savers night gown and some contact lenses from sclera-lenses.com).

First I put in my green werewolf contact lenses.

Then, I mapped out with a lip liner pencil where the cuts would go on my face and then proceeded to lay cotton ball snakes on my face haha. Making sure to not let the middles touch. Also making sure to coat them all with liquid latex and blending out the edges as best as I could.

After they dried, I went over my whole face with foundation that matched my skin tone. Next, I made sure to use a maroon colored matte eye shadow and made several smudges around my face but paying particular attention to the cuts since I wanted them to look irritated a bit. Then I went over those same areas again with a black eye shadow but not too much!! Otherwise it would look somewhat bruised which is what I didn’t want. I wanted it to look somewhat translucent like regular skin kind of is. After that, I added more foundation in some areas so that it didn’t look too muddy. Lastly once that was all dried and ready to go, I took that same maroon matte eye shadow and filled in the cuts, keeping in mind not to go too far outside of them. Then once that was done I took some scab blood and filled in the cuts.

Lastly, I made sure to make my neck match my face with the smudges of black and maroon and then another small layer in some areas of more foundation.


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