Stranger Things Demogorgon Creature Suit for my 12 yo Daughter

Here is my entry for the 2019 Halloween Costume Contest. My 12 yo daughter is a huge Stranger Things fan and she asked me if I could make her a Demogorgon costume for Halloween, as a massive fan myself, I could not say no :) This was quite an ambitious project to do over the period of a month in my spare time in the garage, but the end result made her very happy!

Here were the steps involved in making the costume:

1. Sculpt. I had a bunch of 12x12x18 Styrofoam blocks to begin with which was left over from other projects, I figured I could block out the primary forms of the creature in foam then go in and refine to a secondary level which I was happy with given the time I had.  These foam blocks were glued together with spray foam and then carved and sanded

2. Refine sculpt and surface coat. Secondary details were sculpted in and then a thin layer of joint compound was applied over the foam, then sanding and primer applied to get smooth finish.

3. Prepare sculpt for molding. Flashing cut in 3-4" strips for mold shim. Sculpt separated using flashing and seamed w/clay. PVA release applied to sculpt.

4. Fiberglass.  First, Bondo/resin gel coat applied then resin and fiberglass mat applied . This was repeated for each section. Once cured, holes were drilled for securing molds and excess flashing/glass was trimmed.

5 Clean molds. Pull all foam out then pressure wash.

6. Casting and seaming. This was a latex and poly-foam suit. I brushed up a layer of latex for the skin, once cured I then brushed up a few layers of the poly-foam to give the suit some fullness. this was then seamed them up using latex on a duct tape body form of my daughter.

7. Painting. Base coat painted using a mix of latex and house paint, tinted with acrylics. Airbrush secondary details w/thinned paint.

Attempted to make cable mechanism for the petals, however, the weight of the headpiece and amount of tension needed was just too much for her.

Thanks for your consideration, best of luck to everyone!



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    HOLY COW this is SO AMAZING!!! Can you adopt me? 😂😂😂 You got one lucky kid. You are so very talented!!!! Wow!! I love stranger things as well and this is one of the best Demagorgon costumes ove seen yet!!! Great job!! 🙌
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