Emily, the Corpse Bride!

Here is my Emily from the Corpse Bride! 
The prosthetic cheek was sculpted using NSP Chavant Clay and a flat mould using T-30 silicone from Mouldlife. Then created using mouldlife platsil gel 10 silicone and Baldiez cap plastic!
I hand knotted the wig last year for a university project, and dyed it for this costume using Bleach London's silver toner!
For the headband I used paper flowers and leaves, a hot glue gun and an old headband - as well as blue ink to dye the veil that isn't visible. 
The face is painted using mehron paradise paints, huda beauty electric obsessions palette and the NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk. 

Hope you like it!! For more, all my socials are Horrifikit!
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