Shimmer Species

Video Tutorials ~ Making of the Mask + Making of the Floating Flowers + Bodypaint :

// Shimmer Specie \\
The Shimmer caught hold of her smooth silky skin casting a shadow of a caluse covering. ~ SLW 🐊

 I thought Annihilation was such a visually beautiful movie. The evolved alligator was one of my favorite creatures. Since basically anything is possible within the “Shimmer”, I wanted to play on the alligator idea and morph into an Albino Humanoid (with skull-like features) Alligator.

Products Used:

Mehron Makeup
-Paradise Body Paint in Black & White

Makeup Revolution
-Halloween Haunted House Palette
-Silver Nail Polish in Poltergeist

Pro Aiir Makeup
-Airbrush Body Paint in White
-Used with Airbrush

Cinema Secret Pro
-Ultimate Shadow ~ Natural Collection

NYX Cosmetics
-Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean

Contact Lens Hub
-Blood Lenses

~Homemade upper and lower face pieces

~”Floating Flowers” made from fake flower petals and thin wire
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