Repaint newbie question

Hey there everyone! I’m new to all of this... I decided to start repainting my cheap latex mask with oil paint, naphtha, and rubber cement for the first time. Washed my mask with soap and water, then cleaned it with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. Then I started with a base coat, then off to repainting the mask, with the paint coming off of it by barely touching it the entire time. 

My question is did I not do things right from the get go since it’s so hard to work with? Btw this will be my last time working with naphtha. That stuff is nasty! Glad I had a respirator and a well ventilated area to paint in 😳 a


  • Does the rubber cement paint come off as easily after having more time to settle?  I normally paint with acrylics, so I don't have as much experience with rubber cement paints.

  • Hi there! Yes it comes off after having plenty of time to settle. I used a mix of liquid latex and water to seal it, and did three coats. Still came off very easily, so I let it dry for a while, then I was able to just brush it on with no problem. That did the trick. I’ll be switching back over to acrylic after this one lol. 
  • That's unfortunate!  Hopefully someone who has dabbled in rubber cement painting can chime in.  You may want to bump this discussion back up to the top of the list after our Halloween Costume Contest has ended.

  • Thank you for looking out and responding Chris 👍🏻
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