I've always had a love of whimsical, erotic, sexy, beautiful, "Fantasy themed female Characters"....especially MERMAIDS!  And I've always had a love and fascination with Bodypainting.  So it was only natural for me to try and combine the two.  I am a beginning cartoonist, sculptor, puppet-maker, and BODYPAINTER.   The photo shown is my second attempt at BODYPAINTING.  (My 1st was a "Female Miss Capt. America".)  I am self taught, using books, youTube videos and DIY bodypainting dvd tutorials.  My next purchase from Stan Winston will be the 'Bodypainting DVD'.  I thought it would be interesting to attempt a mermaid with a color scheme inspired by 'CLOWN FISHES' and 'Koi goldfish'.  The color and pattern was simple enough that I felt confident enough to attempt it.  The "tail" was hand-made using an old foam cushion, posterboard, and an old shirt cut and sew into a big tube-like 'sock'.  Everything was painted using a regular air-brush machine,  The 'tube-tentacles of hair' was simply a store bought Halloween headdress. This could have been better....but I am very happy with this first attempt. 
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