Harold The Scarecrow

Youtube Video Link: https://youtu.be/rsM4DwqKjQI

I am a sophomore at el diamante high school, I made this costume based on Harold the scarecrow from scary stories to tell in the dark. I sculpted both the mask and stomach out of WED clay and cast them out of latex rubber. I punched in hairs and attached wood pieces to the arms and joints, and created a pvc pipe bone-like structure for added realism. I found out that material underneath the clothing and wood used for Harold in the film is called Coco fiber. I used coco fiber for the base of the suit. I made the rest of the mask out of burlap(as seen in the film) and dirtied up everything. I covered a pair of shoes in Coco fiber and straw, and attached straw to the rim of the bottom of the pant legs to make it look as though the feet are just straw(in the film Harold doesn’t have feet or shoes, just straw hanging out of the ends of the legs. It took about a month to make, working outside of school.

On Halloween, I set up in front of my house in a chair attached to a post and stayed completely still until the trick or treaters walked by, and then I would jump up and scare them. needless to say, I managed to make a few children cry before I even moved.
I’m not expecting to win anything,  but I just might as well try.
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