The Deluxe Queen Alien Halloween Costume 2019 ALIENS

I have been a huge fan of aliens ever since my mother refused to let me see it. I used to sit on my neighbors back porch and watch the loader battle from outside. I had nearly every Kenner figure. Minus the Queen Hive playset. Do you see where this is going ? Clearly deprived of something amazing!

I built the skull from metal wires of all gauges. Co2 tubing and allot of wire wrapping and patience. The lips each have spectate bands giving resistance along with the jaws. Each band allows just enough resistance so I can show her teeth without her jaws opening at the same time. While I was having issues with the inner mouth the concept worked like a charm. My dad had this old Tonka digger toy, heavy metal old school. I used the same concept to allow the inner mouth to close as it extends past its max.

 The teeth were made from hot glue. I made so many teeth so many finger and toe nails. She has nails on her heels as well. I gave her a grey blue paint job with a little navy to blend in the overall black pre paint base coat. Her body is mostly card board and sculpted paper mache. I have never sculpted with this material honestly while I have a huge bucket of shredded and blended paper for the next project I might opt for actual shavings like a wood powder? Something less pulpy.

Her arms and spines are controlled by cords with my right arm. I wanted my strongest arm free to grab a drink check my phone and socialize. I want to use my strong hand! That’s what she said. Because she has those tiny little arms...if you don’t get the reference go back to the 90’s. All of the cords attach to the back underside of the crown/carapace. 

 I used about 4-5 of those cell phone neck holders for 5.00 at Walmart and used the bendy wire for the joints so I can bend all the joints and pose her over and over. I stand 6ft 2. When she is fully extended she towers above me. And to think I was going to carry this lol. She is mounted on an IV stand so that I can move her around. I chose to have her in a crouching position as it appears more like a yoga pose when she extends her arms, it’s just beautiful. 

I want to add... besides glue and specialized materials most of this is made of recycled materials. Turn that trash into treasure! Now if I could spin literal gold. 

Note: I apologize for my greetings video being out of focus. But honestly you didn’t come here to see me. Happy Halloween!
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