Illithid costume

My wonderful Illithid! Ive always liked these critters from the DND universe.
I sculpted the head and the tentacles separate of eachother, then adhered them after casting was complete. These were made with a thinly brushed layer of flex foam-it 17 and then flex foam 3 to back it, then airbrushed. The tentacles are purely flex foam-it 3 so they have a good bounce to em. I had to cut it up the back and add some stretch material since the flex foam, while flexible, isnt super stretchy like silicone is. 
The hands were something I completely forgot until two days prior, so I sewed some gloves together then painted a good few layers of silicone to make some gloves.
The cape I also made the night before since I didnt want to roll up with blue jeans and a white tshirt.
Enjoy, folks! I loved this project =)


  • Great work! I love seeing fellow DND players, and ESPECIALLY cosplayers/costume makers. Its also nice seeing one of the less common npcs!! Illithids are also a persinal favorite of mine. As well as orcs and elves. I just like having alien skin tone and features. And big ears! Obviously!^^ 😂
  • I LOVE this!  Is this available for purchase?
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