Teba [Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

I figured I'd throw my hat into the ring with one of my creature builds, Teba the Rito! 

This costume was created over the span of two months for a competition in Dallas, and ended up winning the Best in Masters award. Absolutely everything is patterned from scratch for this piece, from literal head to toe. Around 90% of the faux fur for the piece was sewn by hand, using a combination of fleece[legs/feet/beak], beaver, and luxury shag[thighs] furs. The torso and calves were patterned from a ducttape dummy, while the arms, thighs, wings, feet, and head were sculpted and sewn from flat patterns. The wings themselves have over 100 individually handsewn pieces of fur, as well as invisible zippers sewn inside out at the top for my hands to be able to escape. 

All of the armor is hand patterned from both flat and ducttape patterns, made using EVA foam from TNT Cosplay Supply, and hand painted with Liquitex heavy acrylic paints[the talons on the feet are EVA 18mm foam dowels dremelled into claws]. Every detail in the chest plate and shoulders is hand-tooled with a woodburner. The wings, head, and feet are sculpted from upholstery foam, while the eyebrows are EVA foam with velcro attachments. You want a happy bird? You got it. Confused, or hating the world? Look no further!

The skirting and tunic are both sewn with insets from twill and heavy cotton, with each color being its own piece. The skirting is attached under the belt with strips of velcro, while the tunic laces on the sides with suede lacing and grommets. The insets are my absolute favorite part of this costume, and were honestly relaxing to sew!

I could honestly keep going on about the creation o lf this guy, but I shouldn't keep running on like this. I hope you all appreciate and love him as much as I have. I mean, I'm forced to. His head stares down at me every time I'm airbrushing I'm my workshop. Creepy!!


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