The Fly

Hey all.  Just thought I'd throw my hat into the ring.  There are a ton of great costumes posted so far!
This year I thought I'd do a variation of The Fly.  I sculpted the head out of Monster Clay.  The compound eyes were done by laying down about 3000 textile beads, one by one.  That part was super tedious, but I think it was worth it in the end.  I did a Silicone/Fiberglass mold (Rebound 25 and EpoxAmite), then cast the main bit in Smoothcast 57D.  The antennae and mouth parts were sculpted separately and cast in Dragon Skin 10 to give it some spooky jiggle.  I did a sponge paint/airbrush combo for the finish, then punched hair into all the silicone bits.  Fun fur was trimmed and glued around the edges.  

For the appendages, I started with a toy grabber claw base, sculpted some pincer sleeves to put over the claw, made some leg sections out of EVA Foam, then sealed it all in Plasti Dip.  Added fun fur to all the edges and sleeves to put my hands through.  So I had a working pair of fly hands.  

I can post more process pics if anyone is interested.  It took a lot of time to complete, but was an absolute blast


  • A couple more WIP pics.  Ironically, a fly landed on my second coat of silicone while I was making the mold.  Not to worry, I freed him from the sticky trap 

  • The pincers/arms

  • My little collection of molds by the time everything was done.  There were lots of little bits and details to sculpt and cast 

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