Creature 2K4, over 10 years old, for your consideration. =^)

Greetings fellow artists!

My submission for the Creature Contest simply goes by the name Creature 2K4, hand drawn original concept creature from my imagination, No.2 Pencil and paper.  I pulled this one from the archives and dusted him off.  Originally he was a submission years ago to a company looking for concept artists for a monster movie they were making, random entries, no guidelines.  Just Monsters.  But alas, I never heard back. So in the portfolio it went.  But now it's high time I share it with the world, or at least the world of creature artists. =^)

This creature is some sort of spider tendril beast hybrid, with a smattering of undead goodness, sported by the exposed spinal column and open rib cage area.  Poisonous?  You bet.  Will it give you a hug?  Most certainly!  

These days I run around with a camera in my hand, but I'm finding time again for my pencils and drawing table.  Looking forward to sharing more of these in the future.  

Good luck everyone!  Submit your work!

Best ~ MJ


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