creature contest creature suit

Consider this my entry into the Creature Contest.  This is a suit that I sculpted, molded, cast and painted for The Asylum Haunted Attraction in Oklahoma.  I did 100% of the work.  These photos are of two suit builds across two seasons. Sorry some of the pics are fuzzy


  • Very nice!  Is that all foam latex?

  • wicked!
  • David, you did a fantastic job on this creature suit.
    However, you are letting yourself down by submitting poor photos.
    Please show us high res clear photos of your work as this "Beast"
    justly deserves.
  • additional images. the suit was all liquid latex with a thin layer of foam batting glued inside to help stabilize the shape. as far as having any more pics of a person actually in the suit I'm still searching.  the owner of the haunted attraction that this suit was sold to was at the time very secretive of the things in his haunt.  ill continue to search.
  • Can you give us any type of time scale on how long start to finish this project took?  Looks amazing
  • Thanks! I'm glad you like it. At the time this was a rush project start to finish. It took two solid weeks to make the first one with sculpting, molding, casting and painting. The copies I've made since only took about a week to cast and paint (casually working on it in the evenings). I did all of the work myself using a mannequin as a buck to sculpt on. 
  • Some pictures of the suit David Richmond made. It was bandaged here and there from wear and tear throughout the event. The pipes were added with valves and a tank on the back to hold water and dry ice. Really cool effect. No photos of that sadly.
  • And another. Personally my favorite.
  • We actually upgraded his teeth and gums eventually. David is currently working on a new creature suit for us that's far more elaborate and MUCH bigger.
  • I might add as well being the owner of the studio that puts on these events-- David Richmond is a hidden gem. He's one of those rare talented geniuses that has yet to be discovered and I almost hope nobody is smart enough to give him a full time gig before I can afford to do so myself. 
  • Super impressive!  Excited to hear he is working on a new suit.  I hope he can share some of the design/construction process and progress pics with us here!

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