Can You Use Ease Release 200 on Sculpt Before Hydrocal Moulding?

I know in the video, Tim uses Krylon Clear, followed with dulling spray, followed with a bit of car wax. When I did my first mask last year, I used a tiny bit of Vaseline instead of wax, which was fine. However, I do have Ease Release 200 on hand. Can that be used on your sculpt before doing the Hydrocal mould? Or is there a reason to not use it? I have your typical WED sculpt on top of my lifecast, sprayed with clear a few times, then dulling spray. Just was wondering about the 200 before I started moulding. 


  • Hi Kelly,

    I know Ease Release 200 works when releasing a stone mold (hydrocal, ultracal, etc), but I've never used it on a sculpture.  Usually I just seal with Krylon Crystal Clear.  That said, I think Ease Release 200 should work just fine for you, but I always like doing a small test when trying a new combination of materials.  

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