Could You Use a Roasting Pan to Cure Foam Latex?

Just curious.... do you think a roasting pan would work? I see lots of tutorials and vids for making ovens, and some have used things like toaster ovens.... but what about an electric roasting pan? Do you think that would work, as long as you can get the temp you needed? I was thinking a roasting pan might give you more room for bigger pieces than a smaller toaster oven would, and would still be relatively inexpensive. 


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    edited October 2019
    Hi Kelly,

    It's possible, though I have not heard of anyone trying it.  One thing with baking foam latex that is super important is to have even temperature.  My concern with a roasting pain is that the heat is generated at the bottom and is not circulated.  This could result in a foam piece that is only cooked on one side.   Rotating the mold at regular intervals may help there, but foam latex can be very finicky.  So a new setup can require some trail and error to dial in times, temperatures, and formulas.

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    Aah, yeah, I didn't think of that. Good point. I haven't tried foam yet, but I want to, but I only have my cooking oven, and obviously don't want to use that! Been keeping an eye on listings for cheap and/free kitchen ovens or extra big toaster ovens. 
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