Embossing numbers and letters in silicone?

I'm looking for any ideas on how to emboss numbers/letters into silicone. I'm interested in labeling silicone molds, as well as labeling final silicone pieces. I'd like it to look neat and aligned. 
I saw Aaron Globerman mention to use an old style embossing label maker with the tape flipped backwards. I'm going to try that, but what other options are out there? 
Thank you - Eric 


  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Hi Eric,

    The embossing label might do the trick.  Another option would be to 3D print a small plaque with raised or recessed lettering to incorporate into the mold making process.  I've seen people make stamps to press into their clay sculptures prior to molding, which works great.  You could also laser cut a stamp/plaque.

    Another option, which would be a bit harder to read, would be to use a vinyl plotter to cut out lettering that you could use while making the mold.  Even though vinyl is not that thick it does show up in molding, and is often used to create small surface details in castings like panels or lettering.


  • Good ideas, thank you Chris. More reasons to buy a laser and 3d Printer! 
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