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So I have just a quick suggestion. I was able to catch one of the live courses this year (unfortunately could not attend to the last two live). One of the great things of those live courses for me is to be able to talk live with other people as well. So I would like to suggest, if it's not something that you already discussed before, to have an official Discord group. I was tempted to start an unofficial one and invite anyone who wants to join in, but thought maybe the idea could be fun for you as well!

I know we have these forums, but it does not really compare to a live chat, at least for me. 
If you don't know what Discord it, it's pretty simple and I see more and more online groups joining in. Having this kind of group could help people connect, help each other and discuss blog posts, courses, movies, in real time.

So that's my little suggestion for the day :)


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    Hi Melissa,

    Discord is not a bad idea.  I use it a lot myself and really love it, and the live chat aspect would be a lot of fun.  I can discuss it with the team.  My only concerns are that it's one more thing for us to devote our time to manage, and any questions that get answered there would not be a searchable recorded resource like the forums are.  But for live chat and allowing our community to interact more with each-other and our team here it would be great.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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