Fewer than 20 people were there to witness, only a handful survived [My very First Makeup effect]

Hello! I hope you're all having a wonderful evening!

So I did my very first make up effect with a small kit I had bought last week and just decided to have fun with it tonight. It's a small thing, make up is not really my thing but I wanted to try it! I only bought the part that is on my arm and there was supposed to be a horn with it, but I couldn't get it to stay in place...But I felt like sharing it for fun anyway! 

Most fun part? Putting ''dirt'' on. My drugstore makeup was not working well enough for me. So I just threw coffee on my face and sprayed water on top.
I'm in a very ''Jurassic park'' mood (reading the book right now!) so I just put on a few things I had and that was it!

(I know someone with a hole that big in her arm would not pose with it out in the open but I wanted to be sure we could see it haha)


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    Congrats on your first makeup effects!  (And awesome shirt too!)

    Sounds like you had fun.  You thinking of exploring the world of makeup effects now?

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    Yeah it was fun! But I would not put transfers on myself again I think haha Didn't really enjoy the feeling or the removing process. But would I put coffee on my face again? Sure!

    But I am still more attracted towards building things.
    When I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist to find bones,but one day I'll get to make the dinosaurs instead. I'd love to try to make things, but I'm a far from there still. Budget is really tight for now and special effect studios in that kind of business are inexistant in my area it seems. But I am learning what I can and saving up for an airbrush kit!

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