Greta Gremlin - Home Made Prosthetics & Body Paint

Video #1: Making of Face Prosthetic

Video #2: Reverse Makeup

Greta the Gremlin, boy what a sight!
She’s a little bit green but that’s quite alright.
As she blows you a kiss, you better stay stoned, or the next thing you know you will be proposed.
Had so much fun creating a more humanoid style of Greta Gremlin. Felt super accomplished sculpting the face piece!
Products Used:
Mehron Makeup
•AQ Paradise Body Paint Dark Green
•AQ Paradise Body Paint Light Green
•AQ Paradise Body Paint Amazon Green
•AQ Paradise Body Paint Black
•AQ Paradise Body Paint White
•AQ Paradise Body Paint Mango
•AQ Paradise Body Paint Yellow
•AQ Paradise Body Paint Red
•AQ Paradise Body Paint Dark Brown
•AQ Paradise Body Paint Light Brown
NYX Cosmetics
•Avant Pop - Surreal My Heart
•Ultimate Palette - Smoke Screen
•Ultimate Palette - Warm Neutrals
•Jumbo Eye Pencil - Black Bean
•Wicked Lashes
•Pigment Primer
•Angel Veil - Primer
•First Base Primer
A Devils Kiss
•Purple Vitamin Infused Pressed Glitter
Furless Cosmetics
•Loose Eyeshadow Pigment - Immoral
Sclera Lenses Dotcom
•Goblin Lenses
Andy Candy Makeup
•Loose Pigment - Berry Cute
•Home made upper and lower face pieces made of foam clay, clear nail polish, and Mehron Paradise Paint.
•Ears made of tinfoil, headband, latex, hot glue, and Mehron Paradise Paints


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