Loved the series

I started stop motion back in 81 using a super 8 film camera and some plastercine. Now, many decades later I'm getting back into it. The number of things I learned in the three part course was beyond the speed of my note taking and I enjoyed the unscripted bantering style of the three brothers, I'd like to pop over for a family dinner. I am going to try the project exercise and hopefully post my results online at the Stan Winston School. I'm most likely going to purchase the DVD's as I'll need to watch them a few times to learn all their techniques. Highly recommend you watch this course.


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    Hey, it's four parts. This is good, I love watching these guys.
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    I enjoy them, too, Mitchell! They are delightful; makes the instruction more enjoyable to watch. I plan to watch the videos more than once, too, because there is so much good information.
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