Which glue is best for making realistic eyes?

I have some chabochons and eye printings, and now the last step is glueing it together. so I would like to know which glue is best for it. I have heard of epoxy but its very toxic, would this maybe also work with a special mod podge product like the gloss  version?

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  • Hi Maximilian,

    Epoxy is likely your best bet.  From a safety perspective epoxy is easy not too big a concern. 
    When working with any material it is always a good idea to read the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

    Here is a sample for a common epoxy found in most hardware stores:

    Personal Protective Equipment: Protective clothing. Safety glasses. Gloves. Insufficient ventilation: wear respiratory protection. 

    Also make sure what ever epoxy you get cures fully clear.  Some will yellow more than others.

    If you want to see if a material like mod podge would work my suggestion is always to do a small test and see how it turns out.  


  • Ok great! I do have a uv resin I just bought it somewhen on which but it’s a one part. Do you think that works too ?
  • Thank you very much !
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