how can you apply bloodline on latex or silicone

I knwo that I could thin or change the bloodline somehow with these special things in the bloodline box set, but if I thin or add any of these to it, would it be better to apply the promoter in this mixture or on the latex prop or mask itself? And would this promoter also help to work with it on silicone?
And could I also thin the bloodline just with water?


  • or could I maybe rub it off the latex (that it will stay in wrinkles) with just water and don't use this 4008 restorer?
  • Adhesion promoter will help the paints bond with materials like latex, but will not help with silicone.  For silicone you need to airbrush the bloodline on in thin layers, then encapsulate it with clear silicone to trap the paint in place.  Otherwise I would suggest using silicone paints on silicone.

    You can thin the bloodline a bit with water, but I suggest using the materials provided in the kit.  

    You can apply the paint and then wipe it away so it stays in the deep recesses of wrinkles.  This is a wash technique that is widely used.  Water should be ok to thin it a little, but you don't want to thin it too much.

  • Oh Great!! Do i have to airbrush or can I also thin it with water or this restorer (I think) and then encapsulate it?
    of course I’m sure it’s better to use the things in the kit but I’m not sure if the things really are good to use in the ways I mentioned in a question before?
  • You may be able t do it with washes, but I've not tried that.  Part of why the airbrush and silicone encapsulation method works is because the paint is applied thin so it can be easily encapsulated without delaminating.  You could always try a small test to see if it works before trying it on a bigger project.

  • okay thank you! and by the way what would be better thinning it with water or the restorer (or this thing in the box which thins it)
  • You are usually better off thinning paints with the thinner designed for them, but sometimes a little water will work.  Depends on the application. 

  • coolthanks
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