A year as a sculptor

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It has been just over a year since I picked up my first piece of polymer clay. I really enjoy working with Super Sculpey. I've  tried other types of clay, but I like having a finished one of a kind piece to show for my work. I even tried sculptris, but after writing software for 8-10 hours a day.. I get tired of staring at a screen. Anyway, I appreciate all the info and tidbits I pickup from these classes and hope to see more Super Sculpey courses in the future.

Here is some of this years work (Only 7 to 10 inches tall):

2014-07-30 11.19.30.jpg
2014-10-05 19.39.57.jpg
2014-10-10 15.38.46.jpg
2014-08-27 19.51.49.jpg
2014-08-21 07.33.29.jpg
2014-08-21 07.30.17.jpg
2014-08-27 19.55.30.jpg
2014-11-03 18.15.22.jpg
2014-11-03 18.14.45.jpg

More can be found at http://justaddeffort.deviantart.com/

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