Deep Sea Merman Comes a shore

Hi All, 

3rd and final entry (hopefully I understood correctly.) 

This is a silicone Merman makeup I did earlier this year, for this I Did the following: 

1. Lifecast the models: Face - Torso - Hands/forearms. 'Oddbod' silicone was used to cast the model.
2. Create fibreglass copies to sculpt on. 
3. Sculpted the forearms/hands, face, chest and separate fins as well as a tail fin. 
4. Made fake seaweed for the head and back.
5. Attached the tail fin to a fabric tail. 

It took about 4 hours to apply and about 2 hours to clean the model off!

Photos in order of appearance: 

1. Model Phil Murphy in the water in full makeup.
2. Phil Murphy again in another pose. 
3. Sculpted fins that went around the face and lower abodmen. 
4. Completed face sculpture prior to moulding. 
5. Prepainted face sculpt cast using silicone with fins glued and pinned into place.
6. Completed chest sculpt ready to be moulded.
7. Silicone chest piece cast with prepainting done and fins pinned and attached at the bottom. 
8. Silicone arm/hand pieces prepainted with spines attached.
9. Fibreglass chest mould completed (Example of some of the moulding done for this makeup)
10. Latex tail fin with colouring done and black spiny tips attached at the end of each section. 

All this was completely made by me and progress shots of the work is also on my instagram (along with my other entries in this completion - The Swamp Hag and the African Double Horned Faun) for this makeup i was Assisted on the day by Caitlin Pavich.

Once again good luck to all entries, great to see all the creativity :smiley:

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