Turtle Doctor

This multi-piece foam latex character is based on my pediatrician grandfather, who became known as the Turtle Doctor after checking his patient's ears and telling them they had turtles in their ears! I came up with a much more dramatic story 

After years of secretive testing, the US government found a way to successfully combine human and animal genetics. Based on an interest in mythological creatures, doctors had been working tirelessly to create humanoids from multiple species. Because the combination of genetics drastically shortened the humanoid’s lifespan, doctors needed to find animals with rather long lifespans compared to a human’s in order to balance out the results. These animals include macaws, certain tortoises, certain whales and sharks, and the well-named immortal jellyfish. However, those creatures that live under the sea are harder to combine with our human genetics. The most consistently successful, healthy trials have been with macaws and tortoises.

Dr. Edgar Jones is one of the first of those successful trials. Named after the leading doctor of this field, Edgar was born on May 13, 2000. His first breath brought on a wave of incredible medical advancements, many of which he discovered and/or created himself. Now in his sixties, Dr. Jones, along with his daughter, owns a private practice for humanoids of all kinds. He and his wife are leaders in the humanoid equal rights movement and are hard at work ensuring the legacy of his namesake.    


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