Humans have been studying outer space for as long as we can remember, trying to find signs of life outside of Earth.  Little did we know that while we were in search for “Aliens”, they already found us.  The species Balaena have been paying close attention to our every move for the past 200 years, all the way from their planet millions of miles away waiting for the perfect time to take over.  That time has come.  
It’s 2020 and the Balaena species started to flock our planet, landing all over the world thousands at a time.  Standing 7 feet tall, and having the capability to live both on land and in the sea, they quickly over power everything and everyone.  within days humans give in to the strength and intimidation of the creature and become slaves to their new world leaders.

I created this species and story from a dream I had a few months prior to sculpting.
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