Apollyon demon makeup

My 2nd entry for is my ice demon/fallen angel Apollyon.  The prosthetic was a rough concept I made, then sculpted.  The icesicles are snap plastic icesicle light tips.  The prosthetic it self is cast in a homemade fx gelatin, and painted with a couple different alcohol palettes.  This was my first attempt at a full facial prosthetic from scratch.  I never made a full costume for him, but I do like how the makeup came out.  His story is: Apollyon, brother of Abbadon angel of the abyss.  This demon wears his heavenly cloak as a mockery of his past.  The cold from the 9th circle, combined with his own treachery and anger has turned him into the icy abomination you see.  Thanks for looking and good luck to everyone.
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