Evil witch

I created this makeup back in 2017. It was my first time making full face prosthetics and teeth. I wanted to do old age effect such as wrinkles and zombie-like look in one character. It is foam latex prosthetics. Before I created this makeup, I started to make this character's background.

My character is a witch, who used to be a very beautiful woman.  She was very very afraid of getting old and death. She believed that eating human flesh could keep her from aging and dying. Eating human slowly turning her into an evil witch. But eating human couldn't stop aging only slowed the aging process. her body is slowly dying from inside and rotting. (Like zombie)This made her even crazier and made her believe that she needs to eat more people. She lives in the wood and hunt people to eat.

i wasn't really understanding human facial structure and etc when I made this. however I really liked this character after all. I am trying to make my own character makeup or recreate this makeup. I am looking forward to the reviews and feedback from you guys and hoping to grow as an artist!

sorry for my long introduction.
thank you!
my Instagram is @yume_sfxmua 
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